Friday, October 29, 2004

Get on my bad side 1.0

Seduce college students into voting for you by serving them JonBonJovi and Bruce Springsteen as delectable side dishes to your pathetic speeches. VOTE FOR ME - I BRING ROCK STARS TO YOUR CAMPUS.

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amyleigh said...

I know what your saying...i was watching mtv today and all they could talk about is bruce springsteen is going to be on campaign with Kerry... I mean, is that what good politics has come to? oh and they explained that teens didn't want to vote for Bush because he didn't come do an interview on mtv. I for one think that it shouldn't be about popularity and what star you can get on your side...i'm a college student and i'm voting for Bush...but it makes me mad that Kerry can't just stick to what his beliefs are...he has to drag in every "name" he knows. thanks for the really got me thinking!