Monday, October 11, 2004

...something new each day...

Today I was taught how to say "Would you like to sleep with me" in French. It sounds so much classier in a foreign language.

Right after I learned it, I announced it to the quiet fine arts centre -- only to be horribly embarrassed when the guy washing the doors gave me a grin, "Oui!!"
"*petrified* You...know what I said?"
"Je parle français!"
"Merde!" *

* Crap, okay? Crap.


Anonymous said...


And the reason for learning this phrase in the first place would be...? ;-D

djm said...

heh, no, I just like saying things in French that I wouldn't normally say in English. It's like...because I'm saying it in a foreign language, it doesn't count. ;)

Heeds said...

rofl!!! ahhh u get yourself into the funniest situations, neek.
that's awesome. haha