Tuesday, September 19, 2006

the senses of Autumn

recently, there have been unmistakeable signs that Fall is here at last. there are some things that always make me delight in the changing of seasons; going from scorchingly hot, dry temperatures to chilly, crisp days, makes me come alive.

the tastes of Autumn: pumpkin spice lattes from Starbucks; caramel apple cider, also from Starbucks. pumpkin pie. macintosh apples. cinnamon. squash, with plenty of butter and salt. mashed potatoes. puffed brown rice with silk and brown sugar.

the smells: bonfires. cinnamon and nutmeg. bread baking in ovens. coffee, early in the morning. cranberry and pumpkin-scented candles.

the feels: the texture of corduroy. the warm snugness of a good sweater. thick, warm knits. the chilly nip of an autumn breeze. the heaviness of multiple quilts on the bed. waking up in the morning with a warm body and cold face. hand-made scarves keeping one's neck warm. warming poorly-circulated hands with a mug of piping-hot coffee.

the sights: a deep, rust-coloured orange. turkey red. gold. a rich brown. pine-green.

the sounds: football games in the cold evenings. the crunch and rustle of fallen leaves. the sound of flocks of canada geese migrating south. mary chapin carpenter's "10,000 miles." eva cassidy. norah jones.

what things remind you of Fall?

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