Saturday, September 09, 2006

To-Do this weekend:

To-Do this weekend:

Read Howard Zinn's "Columbus, the Indians, and Human Progress
Write two essays about Zinn's writings
Compose a Shakespearean sonnet
Read "The Taming of the Shrew" in its entirety
Read chapters 1-31 (pages 1-115) of Moby Dick
Study for the Moby Dick quiz
Read A History of the Modern Middle East, pages 1-148, 236 & 237
Complete two essays regarding the pages in Modern Middle East
Read "The Noble Dream," Georg Iggers; Intro and chapters 1-4

Breathe, Eat, and Sleep. If there's time. I'm supposed to drive home and go to a wedding today, but there's no way I have time to do that.

I got up two hours ago and cleaned my room -- I hate working in a messy space. Everything's dusted and windexed, the water fountain is refilled, and there's a gorgeous, stiff breeze coming through my open window. I'm about to fix a cup of tea, and then settle back with Moby Dick for the next hour.

Wish me luck -- no...wish me stamina.

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