Monday, February 07, 2005


...there's nothing funnier than hearing a Mexican talk about "...there are leetle fishees, and what? [indistinct mumbling in background] oh, and you should leeve your phone on, yes."
...nothing more disturbing than finding out that a priest you talked to -- NO, I CAN'T FINISH THIS. It is TOO DISTURBING. It would forever wreak HAVOC on your delicate senses ("omg I KNOW WHO THAT IS! I TALKED TO HIM. UGH, UGH UGH.").

...I need to finish this paper. (But I don't want to!) I have to. (But I'm hungry!) NO, I'M NOT. I just had my first aerobics class today (burn, baby, burrrrn). So shut up. (But I'm tired!) My fault for not doing it before -- for typing/saving in Word some poems from a few years ago that I hadn't saved to disk before INSTEAD of typing up the paper for history. (But the teacher. She's a moron.) I know. I know she is. But I need to do my paper. NOW. Even though she's a moron.

My hands smell like microwave popcorn.

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