Sunday, February 13, 2005

Speech #1: Special Occasion

So, I know I shouldn't've put off this "writing a speech outline" thing as long as I have; we received the assignment on Thursday. Friday night, I decided I was going to go home this weekend. I've been extremely lonely over the past few days, and I just wanted to go home, make my cat purr (she hadn't purred since I left), sleep, and be where there are people I can joke around with, people who KNOW ME, people I'm comfortable around, and can give hugs to. I didn't get much homework done (I arrived home about 12 on saturday, and left at 3 today); I slept a lot, made supper, watched British comedies, and spent time with my family. And now, 226 miles later, I'm back in my dorm with my Paris poster, my London poster, stamping materials, a loaf of really great homemade wheat/flax bread, and lots of homework.

The most important in the Homework Lineup is: THIS SPEECH. GRR. I hardly ever have writer's block, but I do with this speech. The outline is due tomorrow. It's supposed to be on anything we want it to be, and I'm allowed to use my imagination, but I can't think of ANYTHING (let's blame it on Mono! ;) ). It's as though my imagination is asleep, and I can't wake it up. Poke. Poke.

My friend Kristen and I are going to get highlights or something tomorrow (or sometime this week); the tech school next door has really great prices ($7, anyone?), and we both are itching to do something to our hair.

So here comes a speech about accepting an award for Worst Hair of the Year. How THRILLING.

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djm said...

Thank goodness. I don't have to resort to that stupid hair speech thing. Ugh.

Here I am, world traveler of the year!

Kate said...

yes, but now it's OVER! Let's PAR-TAY!

ä said...

Just a follow-up: I got 96/100 on the speech. Yay! I was docked a few points because went over a minute longer than I should've. He didn't stop me, though, because I was showing them pictures of London. Bah. :P