Sunday, February 06, 2005


I'm begging (that was accidental, but how appropriate) beginning to know some people here. Last week, I had supper with my roommate twice, lunch with Joe (and Juan for a bit) one day, and lunch with Paul another; and Joe and I had breakfast together Friday morning.

Thursday evening, I went to the InterVarsity meeting in the student center, and met a few really nice people (there were many, but I only met a few) -- one of them I'd seen before, and he always struck me as someone I'd want to know; the first time I'd seen him, he was at the buffet where the hot food is, and as he was the only one there, and coming from the other direction, I scooted over there for a second to get my little bowl of veggies (to accompany my salad. usually the only thing I can eat there. of course.). It took just a second, but he caught me: "*loud, loud, loud gasp* You. BUDGED!" "Oh, I am so sorry! Please forgive me!?" "Okay, okay. Just DON'T LET IT HAPPEN AGAIN." We both laughed, and after that, whenever we saw each other on campus, we smiled -- and I met him! At the meeting! So now there's a name to go with the face! And I just saw him again! Someone I know!

And tonight, I spent 3 hours talking and giggling with a new friend -- a girl from Sri Lanka. A friend! Yay!!

The computer lab smells like cat poop.


kate said...

Friends and familiar faces are good. Very good.

Cat poop is yuckies.

djm said...

hehe. Before I even clicked on it, I knew the comment would be from you, face. :D

kate said...

you can count on me ... the comment queen. there's nothing worse than seeing a post from someone and NO ONE COMMENTS. you know?