Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Secret Recipe

Secret Recipe

School is over for the summer, for most people. I'm still living in my dorm, because I'm taking two summer classes -- the first one started yesterday. Most of the other residents have left, so this means that I can play my music at 2 AM if I feel like it, and not constantly worry about annoying the people next door. I can rearrange my room at midnight if I want (I want)! Unfortunately, as I found out this morning after that midnight rearranging and 2AM listening, the guys with the lawnmower trucks start at 8 AM during the summer, right outside my open window.

As for the recipe: Due to the fact that school is out, the cafeteria is closed (I hadn't used it for a while, anyway). I have to hunt down and kill my own food, and this is what I currently have in my refrigerator:

  1. A bit less than a half-gallon of skim milk
  2. Part (most) of a package of shredded cheddar cheese
  3. Half a jar of salsa (it's not very good salsa, either)
  4. Three packets of ketchup
  5. A squeezy bottle of Miracle Whip
  6. One stick of butter
  7. Eight small soft tortillas

In my "pantry":

  1. Two cans of green beans
  2. Five cans of tuna
  3. Rice flour
  4. A package of bowtie pasta
  5. Non-stick cooking spray
  6. Noodles
  7. One can of tomato sauce
  8. Half a package of rice
  9. One-fourth package of lentils
  10. One-sixth bag of frosted miniwheats
  11. Two packets of instant oatmeal
  12. Salt, pepper, and ground thyme

Any amazing recipe ideas spring to mind? Take your time! Mull over this while I take the Non-Stick Cooking Spray, Package of Shredded Cheddar Cheese, and Two Small Tortillas downstairs to the kitchen and make myself a breakfast quesadiLLa.

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