Sunday, May 14, 2006

I've done all I can...

I've done all I can...

...and now it's time to buckle down and work on my papers some more.

well. in a minute, anyway.

I thought i should take a break from my procrastination to offer up a bit of an update, so here i am.

in scholarly circles:
the semester ends this week, and John graduates this saturday, the 20th. I'm enrolled in two summer courses (the result of me telling my advisor that I will do anything, even sell a kidney on the black market, if it guarantees my graduating next spring), a science course and a history course. the history course begins on May 22nd and ends June 9th; the science course is from June 12th through the 29th.

in financial circles:
I need a job, terribly. I didn't hunt for one this semester, due to my position with Residence Life here on campus (hardly any money but looks good). The idea of waitressing is looking better, as this area is a bit of a tourist destination in the summertime.

in love circles:
still there. very much so. today, I was in a cranky, sad, emotional mood, and John kept hugging me and trying to cheer me up. "but think about it, honey, you have so many wonderful things happening in your life right now! (blah blah blah.) school's almost over; and you've found the person you want to be with for the rest of your life, someone who loves you so, so much." strangely enough, that helped. :)

the weather has been ferocious lately, with a ton of drizzle. if it was proper rain, I wouldn't be complaining, but this constant, cold drizzle, the temperature hovering around 40 -- it's ridiculous and sickening. last year at this time, though, we had snow.

so maybe i shouldn't complain.

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