Sunday, December 19, 2004

no. way.

This is ridiculous. Every college teaches French, right, since it is so popular, so why should I bother to double-check the university that I'm transferring to? Oh, maybe because THEY DON'T OFFER ANY COURSES IN FRENCH. I could learn Ojibwe, Chinese, Spanish, Japanese, German, or English, though. OJIBWE. I don't WANT Ojibwe. I want FRENCH.

I did a search of the site and found a "new faculty member" who has taught english and french for 22 years, but other than that blurb (posted I-don't-know-when), there is absolutely no mention of her on the site. No course listings, no e-mail address, nothing.


kate said...

so sad.

Anonymous said...

maybe it is taught at a nearby community college. however, probably could not get credit for it. :( although, some universities have policies on letting you take courses they don't teach elsewhere for credit. i would think that would be reasonable for a language course.


djm said...

Yeah, I'm going to investigate this more, for sure. It absolutely floored me (heh, obviously ;P ).