Monday, May 07, 2007

such a snob

I have a confession to make.

I am a food snob.

I watch people; what they eat; what they put into their shopping carts at the grocery store. And sometimes, I cannot believe what people are willingly putting in their bodies.

I think this snobbery comes from the fact that I am so strict with myself about what I eat, the fact that I read labels like crazy, and am so, so careful about what I put into my body. There are no traces of gluten in my diet, and, beginning last week, I've wiped all forms of corn from my food, too (and I haven't had preservatives for a very long time). I feel better than I can ever remember feeling; more vibrant, happier, more alive. I'm more content with my body, fascinated by the way it thrives on these whole foods. My thinking is clearer, my body enjoying every second I spend at the gym.

Sometimes, grocery shopping is a hassle. Sometimes, I do feel limited. But, in so many other ways, it is completely liberating. I love the food I put into my body, now; I take more time picking it out, spend more care when cooking it. I have to go out for groceries a couple of times a week, now; rather than having boxes of food on my shelf, boxes that don't expire for another year and a half, I have fresh foods. Beautiful Braeburn apples. Plump, ripe, red tomatoes. A fresh orange. Eggs. Tender greens. Mushrooms, olives, and mozzarella. A new grapefruit, I love the way my food tastes! If something tastes rather flat, rather "blah," why eat it? If it doesn't thrill you, why waste money, time, or calories on it?

I don't even miss the way I used to eat.

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