Wednesday, June 21, 2006

The Sitcom Game

Last night, John and I were discussing our Top Ten Favourite Sitcoms. Stupidly, I was the one who suggested the topic, and then I realized that I haven't even seen a total of ten different sitcoms.

So the list of my Top Ten Favourite Sitcoms goes as follows:

"That 70s Show"
"Yes, Dear"
"I Love Lucy"

And that's about it.

John was showing off his pop culture prowess, tossing out names like "Three's Company," "Cheers," "Happy Days," and "All in the Family." This is the guy who grew up listening to Van Halen, Billy Joel, The Beatles, The Who, and The Rolling Stones, too, if that helps; I've just discovered all those artists in the past year. As I explained to him today though, when he was flabbergasted (again; one would think he'd get used to it) over another song I hadn't heard, I reminded him that a life with me will never be boring -- he'll always be able to teach me something.

And I love that.

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