Saturday, February 04, 2006



I love Saturdays. This is how my Saturdays usually go:

Option A:
I wake up around 8:30 but stay in bed for at least another half hour, stretching, savouring the feeling of not having to go to class, not having to be somewhere doing something. I finally roll out of bed, into some clothes, and John and I meet for breakfast at a little diner-type restaurant. We've been there more than a few times for weekend-breakfasts, because they have amazing pancakes -- thin, delicious, and perfectly golden -- and wonderful coffee, and they're really cheap (think $3.75 per person). We take our time eating our breakfast and slowly drinking our coffee. For some reason, our conversation usually turns into a discussion about our families, about growing up, about our parents. Mostly about our parents and their parents; perhaps something homey about the nature of the restaurant, of the elderly waitstaff, encourages this.

Option B:
I sleep like a rock until 10:30, and after I rid myself of the last vestiges of sleepiness, I don jeans, sweater, and a light jacket, and meet John for lunch. We discovered a quaint pub-like restaurant a few months ago; the building didn't look promising; the cinderblocks needed another coat of paint, and looked rather run-down. We pulled open the heavy door and entered into a room that was full of people; the low ceiling and dim lights made for a den-like atmosphere, warm and lethargic, and the decorations were an eclectic mix of oddities: train lights, a sea bass, animated Christmas characters, and nautical and sports paraphernalia (fishing nets, buoys, NFL stuff). We finally found two seats together, and after skimming through the short menu, each ordered a hamburger and a side of fries. The food came in just a few minutes, and they were the best burgers we'd ever had -- thick and juicy, on a home-made roll, with plenty of lettuce and tomato, and fresh home-made fries. The best part: $10 covered the meal and tip.

The evening: Usually spent watching a movie or taking a walk; tonight, though, John works. He's leaving the apartment door unlocked, so I'm going to go take advantage of wireless internet and a kitchen.

Yes, I love Saturdays.

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