Saturday, January 01, 2005

list (i.e., "cheap filler" and/or "crap that could possibly pose as an update")

last library book checked out: a compilation of the greatest science essays of all time, with an introduction by Stephen Hawking. All the diagrams - I'm in heaven!
last movie seen: "Shallow Hal" (Jack Black, I love you)
last book read: Zelda - the story of Zelda (Sayre) Fitzgerald
last cuss word uttered: ($@#
last beverage drank: orange juice
last food consumed: tortilla chips
last crush: shaun, shaughan, jack black, keanu reeves, conan o'brien
last phone call: kelly!
last tv show watched: "An American in Canada"
last time showered: last night
last shoes worn: black leather danskos
last cd played: "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone"
last item bought: single serving of pringles
last kiss: sometime last month
last good cry: way too long ago
last downloaded: no clue
last annoyance: dial-up
last disappointment: we didn't have french toast this morning like we were supposed to.
last soda drank: diet coke
last thing written: my initials
last key used: buick
last sleep: today at 9:45 AM
last im: yesterday, Josh
last sexual fantasy: who, me? heh.
last weird encounter: go back to Tennessee, you moron!
last ice cream eaten: vanilla. ick.
last time amused: just a few minutes ago
last time wanting to die: not recently
last time in love: today
last time hugged: tonight
last person you winked at: Dan
last time scolded: a few days ago
last time resentful: yesterday
last chair sat in: piano bench
last lipstick used: red cover girl
last shirt worn: Old Navy sweater
last time dancing: tonight
last webpage visited:


Anonymous said...

is tennessee where morons should go?

there are some fascinatingly intelligent people here, just so you know. not many. but a few.

djm said...

Oh, I know there are. This one isn't from TN, just goes to college there, and trust me, it was time for her to go back. There are only a couple of people on Earth I can't stand for very long, and this person is one of them.