Wednesday, November 03, 2004

wherein realization strikes me like a lightning bolt

While lying on the living room floor at one AM, watching NBC and waiting for votes to be counted, I suddenly saw truth:

At times,
John Kerry looks like an old, wrinkly Hugh Grant .


I exercised my democratic right to vote yesterday between my com and astronomy classes. I am so tired of political banter and disgusted by the rude, disrespectful way people treat the candidates (yes, I know I said that that one quiz about John Kerry made me throw up a little. I subsequently issued him an apology). I'm glad it's over; my mom and dad's BushCheney04 lawn signs are down now, and my school is no longer divided. The last few days, Kerry waged a good battle, and was a good loser. His speech today was amazing, and I was very proud of him. Proud to live in America. Clap, people. It's over, and we all have another four years of Bush.

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