Wednesday, November 10, 2004

amelie and magical girlfriends

Magical girlfriend: [ma-ji-kul gurl-frend] Unable to be detected by normal humans, a Magical Girlfriend is discernible to only a best friend, and startles/dismays everyone else when she appears out of thin air.

When/if I ever snag a boyfriend, I'd darn well better not be a magical girlfriend. he'd better talk about me, at least drop a hint, at least let the "g" word pass through his lips sometimes. there is only one thing I dislike more than magical girlfriends, and that is brushing my teeth in front of people. this is serious.

In the movie "Amelie," the young woman (Amelie, heh) finds pleasure in bringing special beauty into the lives of those who surround her, in the form of little surprises, left anonymously. I feel like Amelie tonight, as I prepare a 7-track CD I'm going to slip into someone's backpack tomorrow (undetected, please oh please! leave your backpack -- unattended -- where you usually leave it when you go to lunch!). sneaky sneaky, O Bestower of Beautiful Music on Unsuspecting Masses.


Anonymous said...

I don't think I get it.

What exactly is a magical girlfriend?


Hannah said...

I believe 'Nika references (oh-so-adeptly) a female "love interest" (at least in name) who appears and disappears (in a puff of smoke, naturally) at the whim/convenience of the possessor (or rubber-of-the-lamp, so to speak).