Wednesday, February 13, 2008

quiet evening.

a quiet night at home tonight. we have so many busy evenings throughout the week (when I get off work later or when he has a night-time graduate class), and it seems like something's always coming up to make our time off busy, i love these - rare! - slow evenings.

the book i'm reading is "The Produce Bible," by Leanne Kitchen. it's almost like a fruit/vegetable/nut encyclopaedia, but after the photo and general information about the produce item, there are recipes. i love this, because one of the things i've been aiming for lately is to add more diverse vegetables to our diet. exciting. i found it at work when i was reshelving the new books; it's a good thing i work at a library instead of a bookstore, because i'm always finding books that i just have to take home.

the purple tulips were waiting for me on the table when i got home from work tonight. that husband of mine, he's fabulous.

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