Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Q: Where have the months gone?

...And how did I fill my days without posting?


Traveling to visit in-state relatives.

Helping out a friend.

Passing my probationary period at work - I've been there for four months now, which means that I'm finally beginning to accumulate vacation and sick time!

Housing, at one point, the two of us, my mom, dad, brother, co-worker, and co-worker's cat. In 600 sq. feet! QUITE CROWDED. COULDN'T BREATHE.

Celebrating 5th month and 6th month anniversaries.

Occasionally (ie rarely) eating out.

Going crazy in the kitchen, single-handedly making Christmas dinner for 8+ people (20# turkey? Gluten-free stuffing from homemade french bread? Brown Buttered Corn? Spiced, roasted sweet potatoes? Garlic butter mashed potatoes? And more? Yes, oh yes. Certifiably insane, but I felt quite satisfied and accomplished afterwards, I must say).

Reading dozens of books.

Watching (and hearing) far too much political coverage, over every single little development, as John is a Political Junkie Extraordinaire.

Getting footrubs (nice.).

Being very, very tired of the tinny, watery Winter light. I'm so eager for Spring, for the clocks to spring ahead, for it to still be light out when I finally get home from work, for there to be real light to take pictures by. This watered-down version of light, which disappears long before I get home, is getting frustrating.

...And finally getting over my post-Christmas cooking/everything slump; I'm enjoying being back, now.

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