Saturday, January 27, 2007

back in the saddle again...

Here I am, back at school. It's my last semester, and I keep marveling at that fact - This is my last sememster. The very last one. I am a senior, I am graduating in May. I will no longer be an undergraduate. I remember the first college courses I took, and how it felt as though the next years rolled out so far in front of me that I couldn't see the end. And now it's here. I just have to wade through three courses (two of which are delightful and one of which is painful) and pull myself through my senior thesis (which, frankly, terrifies me).

I didn't write here during Christmas break due to the fact that any account of it would appear to be cripplingly uneventful -- to anyone who bothered to read about it, anyway (after which he would roll his eyes, yawn, and wander off to another site, wondering why he wasted the last four minutes of his life). I loved the break; it was full of good food, good company, love, and time to read and knit. But throughout the duration of the break, there were only a couple of times that I could relax, really; I kept feeling as though I was procrastinating, as though there was something more important and pressing that I should be doing, rather than knitting two and a half scarves and lounging on the fainting couch, reading "Budget Travel."

I've decided not to have the internet available in my room this semester. I get so much more done without the world available at high-speed, right at my fingertips, luring me into news as-it-happens, and other's dramatic accounts of their lives. My laptop, which was deliberately abandoned during the entirety of Christmas break, has been dusted off to provide background music. My room seems quieter, more peaceful, and my life seems less hectic, with so much less time occupied by the internet.

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