Saturday, December 16, 2006

A rather lengthy To Do List:

5 things I have to do (but don't really want to, not right now anyway):
1. gather research from the other three books that finally came in over Inter-Library-Loan.
2. type up my Environmental Anthropology final.
3. work on my historiography.
4. study for my History of the US final.
5. vacuum (but I can't right now, anyway, as the dorm has 24-hour quiet hours for Finals Week).

5 things I want to be doing right now (and might be [or might not be, depending]):
1. knitting part of someone's Christmas present.
2. watching a movie with John, drinking coffee, and enjoying the slowness of a weekend morning where you don't have anything you have to be doing yet [this is the "might not be doing" part, unfortunately].
3. rereading the e-mail from that cheerfully reminds me that now it's under seven months until our wedding and there's a lot of stuff that has yet to be done!
4. thinking up ingenious things to do with the $50 gift certificate I won yesterday evening.
5. eating peanut butter m&m's for breakfast.

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