Thursday, August 03, 2006

in which i write a list, rather than a lengthy post (ha!)

in which i write a list, rather than a lengthy post (ha!)

1. i broke the Incredibly Long Day (I.L.D.) into more manageable segments by taking a two-hour-ish nap (3:10-5:26), and then curling up on the porch swing for a while (10:15-10:45).

2. the day was that long (how long? THAT long) due to two major reasons: a) my allergies had kicked into high gear and b) I'd only had four hours of sleep.

3. our cats became intoxicated off catnip. the bigger of the two, Lionel, was DRUNK. not just buzzing, pretending to be more drunk than he actually was, but the kind of drunk where he lolled on the floor, unable to hold his head up, weakly batted at the catnip bunch, then was horribly distracted by the sight of his paw batting at the aforementioned catnip, and decided to just lick it, instead. if he had been talking, it would have gone something like this: "I AM NOT...LU--Shhhluuuu -- drrrr---DRRRLUUUNNK. gihhhhh...gimmem.....the natcip. caahht...caahhh...caatni--a paawaahh? a paawwwwhhh? paw? *lick, lick*" and then he would have dissolved into giggles.

4. i saw a shooting star tonight, when I was curled up on the porch swing, swaying in the night air. i would tell you what i wished, but really, if i tell you and then it doesn't happen, I'll totally know why, and blame myself -- because, really, what idiot would tell someone what they'd wished?!

5. i took a Claritin tablet for the first time ever, today; it did suppress my sneezing and allowed me to breathe (as well as making my face numb and my lips tingly), but the 24 hour-thing? it's been 10, and i'm all stuffy and sneezy again. that sonic boom you heard? that was the result of my high-speed sneezes, in such fast succession. yes, i've broken the sound barrier. yes, i'm very modest.

6. i played a game of Scrabble tonight with my sister, brother, and mom. i'm always so tense when i play Scrabble, because it's the only game at which i can beat absolutely everybody -- and i need to preserve that reputation! last time, i beat mom by 70+ points. in order to balance out this bragging: i throw like a girl, i can't run, and the only time i ever watched more than a few minutes of a football game was when i taped the Superbowl for John.

7. i melted into soppy puddles of tears a few times, due to the stupid allergies and the stupid miles between John and me.

8. i ingested more m&m's than a human should, ever (unless, of course, that human had melted into soppy puddles of tears throughout the day; in that case, a chocolate antidote is necessary -- the same as after a dementor incident. trust me on this - professor lupin would be on my side, i'm sure).

9. i really have no ninth anecdote, but i cannot end this on a nine, so pretend you didn't see this one and move along.

10. i do, however, have a riddle for you (taken from krissa, of petit hiboux, because it's so good):

A woman is in her house. It's nighttime. She reads a book for a while, then realizes she's tired. She puts down the book. She shuts off the light, goes to another room, and falls asleep.

In the morning she wakes up, goes to her outside door, opens it, and picks up the day's newspaper. She reads the headline, goes back inside, and commits suicide. WHY?

no fair searching for the answer online! put down that search engine and back away, and nobody gets hurt. if there aren't any guesses that are on the right track, i'll post a clue tomorrow afternoon or evening -- i swear.

(and just so you know: i didn't get it. but now that krissa told me the answer, i love this riddle to pieces, because, really, it's a great one. )

(oh, in case you feel gypped due to the poor excuse for #9? i realized today how much i missed listening to Elvis! so now i'm listening to "Suspicious Minds," because it's one of my favourites. it's horribly sad, but i love it, love it, love it. i generally like songs that make me a little sad, or freak me out a little bit [wish i could say that last bit about movies, as well!])

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