Friday, April 28, 2006


I think Jen just tricked me into posting. Fie on thee!

I AM: Sitting in the library, reading literature and writing a paper. Well, I was.
I WANT: To go to Bosnia; to traipse through European countryside; to inform people about landmines; to have a small apartment with wooden floors, tall windows, brightly-coloured walls, and painted terracotta pots of herbs and flowers sitting in the sunlight; a baby; to lose five pounds; to plan a wedding; to be finished with school; to be married (not in that order).
I WISH: That this paper was over. It's bothering me, because I'm being too darn introspective and intellectual about the entire thing. That this last year in school will go quickly.
I HATE: Anise; licorice; greasy, greasy food; bland food; stinky dogs; not having a water bottle.
I LOVE: Green grass, tulips and daffodils, cooking, long walks, the food network, good chocolate, brick buildings, lakes and oceans, John (also not in that order).
I MISS: Being able to read what I want, when I want; lying outside with the warmish breeze blowing across me; taking naps; spending an evening in front of the t.v., just for kicks.
I FEAR: Too much.
I HEAR: More than you think I do. Oh, the stories I could tell...
I WONDER: If my professor will like the argument I put forth in my paper.
I REGRET: Not writing this paper yesterday. ;)
I AM NOT: Drinking enough water.
I DANCE: With John; goofily.
I SING: Along with songs; commercials; jingles; guitar solos.
I CRY: At Sylvan Learning Center commercials; at sappy movies; at slightly sappy movies; at movies that aren't even a little bit sappy.
I AM NOT ALWAYS: In a good mood.
I MAKE WITH MY HANDS: Excellent food, spotlessly clean living spaces (quit laughing, ang and gus!), good backrubs.
I WRITE: Not in this blog, apparently!
I CONFUSE: John's Aunt Janet and Aunt Judy. Aagh.
I NEED: More sleep; energy for two summer classes and 18 fall semester credits.
I SHOULD: Go take a shower; tidy up my room; e-mail mom.
I START: Letters that I never finish.
I FINISH: My papers; cleaning; stuff.
I TAG: Heidi, Sar, and Kate. :)

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